Local nonprofits need to plan too

Non-Profit Strategic Planning

It's been my pleasure to assist several local organizations with their non-profit Strategic Planning. I have had the pleasure of working with Aransas Pathways and the History Center for Aransas County here locally to complete their strategic plan.

We open the session with introductions followed by reviewing survey results of the organization. We then take a deep dive into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; also known as a SWOT analysis.. After the SWOT analysis is complete and reviewed, we review the mission, vision, and value propositions. We establish values for the operation of the Board of Directors followed by a goal-setting session. By way of groups, we create a tactical approach to achieving each goal. It is always exciting to see which goals make it to the top as priorities.

It is always a pleasure working with non-profits to craft a strategic plan, strengthening their organizations for the future.

I am available to help your organization with non-profit strategic planning. Contact me for available dates.

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