Why do you need a Communications Plan?

Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce getting ready for their next event.

Candidate School for your community?

Starting a Candidate School can be a strategic move for a Chamber of Commerce to: In summary, a Candidate School can foster leadership, enhance civic engagement, and strengthen the Chamber’s role in shaping the community’s future. I enjoyed assisting Vision Galveston in creating what started out to be a Candidate School and in the end… Continue reading Candidate School for your community?

Board Training Session; an incredible annual tool to spur engagement

Columbus Chamber on a path.

Columbus Chamber

Principles of Non-profit Finance

Center for Chamber Excellence is held at Texas A&M each February

Local nonprofits need to plan too

Aransas Pathways “Partnership” group during a breakout session

Creating a Chamber Foundation

Working with the Central Fort Bend Chamber to create their Chamber Foundation was a rewarding experience.

Hold a Strategic Planning Day

Giddings Area Board of Directors and President/CEO Denise Harlan enjoy a day of focus on the future for the Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tips to fine tune the leader in you

Diane Probst presents at Center for Chamber Excellence at Texas A&M University

4 key points of a mentor

The Mentor Looking back through my years in the chamber world, so many situations, encounters and learning experiences come to mind. Not all are difficult, but some stand out as teachable moments. Those difficult situations are the ones that cultivate great principled leaders who are able to withstand the test of time. Those leaders generally… Continue reading 4 key points of a mentor

6 tips for the newly hired Chamber Professional

Let’s face it. Chambers of Commerce tend to lack proper onboarding methods for its executive or upper management for one reason or another. It is what it is. Let’s drill down on tips to assist the fresh new Chamber Executive or a recently hired Chamber Professional.  A question I’m hearing more and more often is… Continue reading 6 tips for the newly hired Chamber Professional