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How many conferences do you attend each year? What career track have you established for yourself? What area of Chamber work do you feel you could learn more about?


Above are questions you should ask yourself and set up a plan to reach goals of developing professionally within yourself. You need to look at professional development in two ways:

1.) Learning – To stay on top of the latest trends in our industry and just learn how to improve in the core areas of running a Chamber.
2.) Energizing – A way to get a refreshing “breather” on running your Chamber. Ah..hah… You can do this! You are not doing so bad after all. Everyone is as busy as you are.

In Texas, we have an excellence organization called “Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives”. This is an annual conference filled with lots of great speakers and learning opportunities as well as ways to get refreshed and energized. Other opportunities within the year exist to help with the basics of running and Chamber and even a conference for you to bring your Board Chair. Locate your state organization and get involved. It will pay dividends for you. Do you have a state organization? Does it have a conference for you to attend? Is it something where you can learn and get energized?


Nationally, get involved in an organization called “American Chamber of Commerce Executives”. This organization also has a week-long conference that you will learn and also get energized. I didn’t begin attending this event until I had achieved status in the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Association. I did this simply because of budget constraints within my Chamber. I have to admit though, once I began attending these nationally conferences, our budget grew accordingly.


There are other organizations to be involved in but these two are essential for running a small town Chamber.


My next blog will discuss the ins and outs of attending the US Chamber’s Institute for Organization Management. This outstanding program deserves an individual blog post.


Take care and have a time in Chamber work!

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