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February 18, 2015

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On Board to Serve

Are you on board to serving on a local, state or national level Board of Directors within your profession? Have you ever thought about how it could benefit you and your organization?


Serving on a Board of Directors for an organization is not only inspirational and energizing, it is educational. I am currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce. This is a large board in that there are more than 100 members on the board. Their main focus is legislative priorities that help businesses across the great state of Texas.


I attended a meeting of that board where we had a hefty agenda making decisions on filling vacancies on the Board, adopting a “Give or Get” Policy for serving on the Board, legislative priorities on Tax Policy, E-Cigarettes, Religious Freedom, etc. and the carrying of firearms. An update on where we stand in terms of our goals for the year was presented. This activity parallels some of the activity of our Chamber. It was helpful to see and hear a state level organization make that presentation. I learned a lot about reporting. I learned a lot about the legislative year. We heard the Governor’s Address together and then got to hear people’s comments afterwards at a networking lunch. I ran into people in the industry I hadn’t seen or had the chance to talk with in years.


It was a great experience. I feel energized and ready to tackle obstacles in my organization and help it to grow and operate efficiently.


I also serve as president of the local Rotary Club. This is helpful to my Chamber in that I get to be a volunteer and see what it is like to be asked to chair an event, be part of an organization and of course, networking.


If you want information on Boards to serve on that might benefit you or your organization, please contact me.

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